Folly Beach Festivals website


Here's the link to the new Folly Beach Festivals website. If you would like information on the upcoming Sea & Sand festival please click here. Folly Beach Festivals website … [Read more...]

Special Primary Election Information


The special election for the District 1 Congressional seat, formally held by Tim Scott, will be March 19, 2013. If a candidate in neither primary gains 50 percent of the vote, there will a runoff election with the two top candidates. Run-Off Election: April 2, 2013 General Election: May 7, 2013 … [Read more...]

In Loving Memory of Shann Rocco from her children Isabella and William

Mayor Goodwin & Rocco Family

Mayor Tim Goodwin dedicated a plaque in Folly River Park to the memory of Shann Rocco, with the help of her husband Jim and children Isabella and William. Mr. Rocco sold the park land to the City at a reduced price, and donated $50,000 to the cost of the pavilion. The event took place at February’s Second Sunday in the Park, in front of a large crowd.   In Memory of Shann Rocco Mayor Tim Goodwin & Rocco Family   Music in the Park - Family … [Read more...]

SANDSPUR – March 2013


If you live on Folly Island, you’re probably within half a block of a mid-block “right-of-way,” but you may not know it. When Folly Beach streets were laid out in 1920, the planners added a 10-foot mid-block strip of public land connecting one avenue to the next. No one knows why – was it for fire hoses? Model T cut-throughs? Pedestrians? But the Planning Commission (PC) thinks the foresight of those planners can benefit residents today. … [Read more...]

Mayor’s Message March 2013

Dear Fellow Residents: Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: there’s a petition circulating to restore drinking on the beach for most of the year (except summer weekend days, and three summer holidays). Its backers have told the Post and Courier that they have the signatures required under the state Initiative and Referendum law. That would be 330 signatures from active registered voters in Folly Beach. What happens now? We will follow the law, just as we did with the citizen … [Read more...]

SANDSPUR – February 2013


It’s election time again. This time it’s a special election in the first congressional district to fill the seat vacated when Governor Nikki Haley appointed Tim Scott to replace Senator Jim DeMint. And there’s a new wrinkle: a photo ID law is now in effect, and it will affect you. … [Read more...]

Mayor’s Message February 2013

Dear Fellow Residents: We have a primary election coming up next month, for a new member of Congress. There are many candidates in both parties. It’s important that each of them knows something about Folly Beach, and particularly our need for a Federal appropriation for beach mitigation (renourishment). I urge each of you to reach out to the candidates and assess their strengths, but also to talk to them about our need for their help if they should be elected. And then, of course, … [Read more...]

SANDSPUR – January 2013


Meet Our New Postmaster, Lori Schuster:  Lori Schuster has been selected by the USPS to serve as our new Postmaster, replacing Joanne Johnston, who retired July 31st. Jennifer Gadsden, who ran our post office during the interim, will stay on to work with Schuster. The new postmaster has spent her career with the Post Office, and has years of experience as a Postmaster. She started as a letter carrier in Camden in 1990. Two years later, she moved to the Florence post office to be closer to … [Read more...]

Mayor’s Message January 2013

Dear Fellow Residents: Welcome to the new year, fellow survivors of the Mayan apocalypse! Actually, the Mayans had a very complicated calendar, with 360-day years, 500-year epochs, and 5,000-year great epochs. So according to the Mayans, we have just entered a new great epoch. I look forward to that fresh start of living together in peace and harmony. Unfortunately, we have a few pieces of business left over from the old great epoch. Beach revitalization is still at the top of the agenda. We … [Read more...]

Mayor’s Message December 2012

Dear Fellow Residents: In this joyful season, I wish we could put aside the problems we’re struggling with. But some of them won’t take a holiday. The erosion from recent offshore storms has made shoreline protection more urgent than ever, and every one of us needs to help. We need to restore our beach not just because it’s the basis of our economy, but because a healthy beach protects homes and businesses (rentals are businesses) which pour revenues into the county, the state, and the … [Read more...]