SANDSPUR – November 2012

Bridges to Somewhere (Folly):  These are definitely not “bridges to nowhere.” The new bridges over the Folly Creek and Folly River are lifelines to an economic engine in this region, one of South Carolina’s treasure spots. But it will be a while before they’re hooked up and full of traffic.
First some facts: the bridges you see being built now, to your left when you head toward Folly, are not temporary. They’re the real thing. Once they’re finished, traffic will be rerouted to them, and the old bridges will be torn down.
The new bridges will be higher and wider than what we have now, but they’ll still only be two lanes. Those lanes will be wider (12 feet), and there will be a five-foot wide bicycle path on each side of them, and five-and-a-half foot wide raised sidewalks on the rail sides. The Folly River bridge will have streetlights in the “shepherd’s crook” style on Center Street. (State DOT will supply the lights, but the City will have to maintain them and pay for the power they use.) The rails on both bridges will be the open style you see on the Ellis Creek Bridge.