THE CITY OF FOLLY BEACH is a barrier island, six miles long and the closest beach to historical Charleston, South Carolina, 15 minutes via the Connector. Folly Beach is the home of sea, sand, and surfing, historical and cultural sites; a maritime forest; Morris Island Lighthouse; gourmet food, endangered species of birds; and southern hospitality. Folly Beach is a “must see – must visit” place. Use the links to the left to browse our directory of things to do, places to see and more!

Hotels and Lodging

See what Folly Beach has to offer in Hotels, Cottage Rentals or even Weekly Rentals. We promise Folly Beach has everything that your looking for.

Dining & Entertainment

Folly Beach has an incredible beach, wonderful residents, and best of all great places to eat and have fun. Folly Beach offers little local breakfasts places, fun lunch Ideas, gourmet dinners and one of the most eclectic nightlife’s in the area. Come to Folly Beach and see what everyone talking about.


Need a bathing suit, or maybe a dress to wear out at night. Maybe a plastic shovel and rake for making sandcastles, or a surfboard to ride the waves. Folly Beach makes a splash all the time when your looking for items likes these. When on Folly Beach also check out the great real estate available on the Island. You’ll be glad you did.

Non Profits

As everyone knows wherever you are there is always a need to be met, or a cause worth fighting for. Folly Beach is no difference. Whether it’s saving the Morris Island Lighthouse, or keeping pets spayed or neutered, Folly Beach has Non Profit Organizations willing to help out.


Catholic, Methodist, or Baptist there is a church that would be happy to have you any day of the week. Just drop by and say hello and enjoy the nicest people in the world.